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Superannuation is becoming more important as a retirement savings vehicle, as reflected by the trillions invested by Australians in retail, wholesale and self-managed funds. Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) are continuing to rise in popularity following the recommendations of the Cooper review.

There are many benefits in setting up your own SMSF, including greater control over your investments and flexibility in investment choices. Due to the high growth in SMSFs, it has also become a highly regulated industry and the rules can often be complex. However, with our superannuation expertise, we can guide you through the process of establishing and running a SMSF. We can assist you with:

  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of a SMSF
  • Whether a SMSF in in your best financial interest
  • Appointment of a trustee for your SMSF and related consent forms
  • Applying for an Australian Business Number, a Tax File Number and lodging the notice to become a regulated SMSF with the Australian Taxation Office
  • Complete all relevant paperwork when a new member joins your SMSF
  • Opening your SMSF’s bank account
  • Processing transfers and rollovers
  • Preparation of financial accounts and the auditing of your SMSF
  • Lodgement of annual return (incorporating a tax return) with the ATO
  • All secretarial matters including minutes of meetings and commencing pensions
  • Provision of tax advice
  • Provision of advice to ensure that your SMSF maintains its complying status so that it will not lose its concessional tax treatment
  • Obtaining an actuarial certificate, where applicable
  • Superannuation strategies to maximise your retirement income
  • Estate planning and ensuring integration with your will
  • Winding up an SMSF

At Roach & Bruce we can assist you with planning your retirement to ensure that you have sufficient income to live comfortably. We have strong relationships with leading stockbrokers and solicitors who can also assist you with investment and legal advice.

With a specialist team providing advice to your specific goals and circumstances, we can ensure that all aspects of establishing and running a SMSF are covered.​



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